Italian Foodie Adventures 2014 – Part2

Following in the footsteps of an earlier post about our adventures in Italy, let me share with you some more photos from our foodie trip in this wonderful country. Having visited Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Rimini and the micro country San Marino, we took ourselves to the Garda lake up North.

This year again, there was ice cream – a LOT of it! We had this pretty ice cream creation while a storm was raging outside… oh, did someone think it is always sunny in Italy? 🙂

Italy_Garda_201420 Italy_Garda_201419

You’ll always find pizza in Italy, just have to find the good spots, at the good time!

Very thin, delicious pizza with black olives, cocktail tomatoes, anchovies and basil


Pizza with tuna and onions on a thicker base – also great:


The winner of this year’s Italian pizza contest – the 12h dough calzone with ham, tomato and cheese:


An interesting, mouth-watering combination – Rabbit ragout on lasagnette pasta:

Italy_Garda_201404 Italy_Garda_201403

Of course there are also patisseries in our way, where we pick up some sweets to soothe our craving:

Italy_Garda_201410 Italy_Garda_201407

Obviously we are not always going out to eat when on vacation, we also like to stroll through the infinite lines of the local supermarkets and fill our food storage to cook nice things that we can enjoy on the terrace of our home away from home, like:

Fresh pappardelle pasta with Levoni sausage, local zucchini and eggs (oh and the Mr’s favorite “snail” bread roll):


“Snail” bread with cooked Italian ham, local cheese and local tomatoes and olive mix:


Fresh tortellini filled with ham, drizzled with tomato puree:


Fresh calamari rings delivered almost to the door by the seafood truck that does a round every week in the nearby villages, prepared in the most simple way, with salt, pepper, oregano and lemon, accompanied by a fresh mixed salad and eggs (oh and of course snail bread!)

Italy_Garda_201414 Italy_Garda_201411 Italy_Garda_201413


(Let’s just call it) some other fish from the seafood truck, with mixed salad and potatoes:


See? In the end the local store ran out of snail bread, duh!

I hope you enjoyed this foodie photo trip we prepared for you hungry readers 🙂

6 Responses to “Italian Foodie Adventures 2014 – Part2”
  1. afracooking says:

    Oooh I would love a doggy bag of that stuff (but seeing that is not the ‘done thing’ I guess I will have to miss out :-> )

  2. Oh yeah…that ice cream qualifies as a creation. I’d say you ate well, very well. I’ve got to laugh because the store was probably all perplexed… “We’ve never gone through this much snail bread”. Looks good though and reminds me of crescent rolls which I could easily go through a half dozen, maybe more in 1 sitting.

  3. Bonnie Eng says:

    What a delicious post…definitely enjoyed it!!

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