Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary Award 2014: Csokis Kaland (Chocolate-y Adventure)

Click here to see the winner of the (normal, sugary) Cake of Hungary Award 2014!

This year’s Cake of Hungary Award winner in the sugar-free category is a pretty good looking chocolate cake, the Csokis Kaland (Chocolate-y Adventure). Created by the Nándori Patisserie, it has no added sugar and no white flour but seems to be a perfectly satisfying dessert. I’m yet to try this one as well!!

The winner of the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary Award 2014: Csokis Kaland (Chocolate-y Adventure)



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The creator: Mr. Nándori. Photo Source:


And the recipe translated from the original Hungarian, only for You dear readers, so you can try to make it at home! 🙂


Chocolate-y Adventure Yields 16 slices

Sponge layer:

150 g egg (60 g yolk, 90 g white)
75 g xylitol
90 g ground walnuts
50g almond flour
25 g de Zaan cocoa powder (10-12 %)
4 g baking soda
Pinch of salt
70 g melted butter
75 g water

Sour cherry sauce:

200 g frozen sour cherries
8 g erythritol
10 g apple pectin

Boil the sour cherries and thicken with the erythritol-pectin mix (better be done a day ahead)

Marzipan layer:

70 g diabetic marzipan

Chocolate and cream filling:

90 g water
150 g erythritol
60 g de Zaan cocoa powder (20-22 %)
20 g diabetic chocolate
Pinch of salt
400 g (non-vegetable based) whipped cream (33%)
130 g cooked gelatin*

*Cooked gelatin:

1 liter water
160 g gelatin

Boil the water with the erythritol, add the cocoa powder, salt and chocolate. Cool to room temperature and mix with the melted gelatin and add the whipped cream.

Crocante (crunchy part):

7 g diabetic dark chocolate
14 g roasted almonds
With the help of a stick, mix the roasted almonds with the melted chocolate and sprinkle on silicone paper.

2 g (non-melting) cocoa powder
10 g roasted almond sticks

Building the cake:

Sponge cake: Beat the egg yolk with the egg whites and the xylitol, mix the rest of the dry ingredients (walnut, almond, cocoa, baking soda and salt). Heat the butter with the water to lukewarm temperature. When the egg-xylitol mixture forms stiff peaks, add the butter and carefully mix in the dry ingredients. Pour 420g of the mixture in a 16 slice baking pan and 120g in an 8 slice pan. Bake both on 160 C° for about 10-15 minutes.

Place the 16 slice sponge cake in a baking pan covered with baking paper. Sprinkle with the roasted almond-chocolate “crocante” and cover with 1/3 of the chocolate-cream mixture.

Place 8 slice sponge layer size marzipan disk on top of the 8 slice sponge cake. With the marzipan disk facing down, place it on top of the chocolate-cream mixture (centered). With the help of a frosting piping bag place the sour cherry layer around the 8 slice sponge cake, NOT touching the paper. Between the sour cherry layer and the paper – again with the help of a frosting bag – draw a ring of chocolate-cream and place the leftover cream on top, extend with the help of a spatula and form peaks with the help of a spoon.

After cooling in the fridge for at least 6 hours, sprinkle with non-melting cocoa powder and decorate with roasted almond sticks.

Good luck and don’t forget to share the cake with your loved ones 🙂

2 Responses to “Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary Award 2014: Csokis Kaland (Chocolate-y Adventure)”
  1. These cakes are just awesome. Chocolate & cherries – what a great combination although I’d probably use sugar in mine.

    • I’m happy to say that I didn’t realize there is no sugar in this one, I really can’t tell the difference, but the cakes (that I finally tried!!) are great – perfect combination of tastes!

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