Tourist in my own country 2: Budapest and Szentendre

Following in the footsteps of the previous post, I share with you a couple of picture of some of the exquisite dishes we enjoyed with our friends during our home country journey in the past months, that started out from the capital: Budapest, crossed through the Lake Balaton and took us around the artistic town of Szentendre.


Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér  – Caesar salad with chicken, mixed salad with bacon and feta cheese (fantastic!), pappardelle pasta with aurula, and ham


Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér  – Duck in sour cherry confit with potato dumplings (superb!)


Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér  – Traditional paprika chicken with nokedli


Budapest Old Man’s Pub – Steak!


Budapest Old Man’s Pub – BBQ ribs with coleslaw (for 2 at least!)


Budapest Old Man’s Pub – Duck breast with fruits of the forest and potato lapcsánka (my personal favorite is that amazing sour sauce)


Szentendre – Gooseleg with mashed potatoes and steamed purple cabbage (the boyfriend’s all time favorite)


Szentendre – Calf liver with purple onion, green peas and potatoes


Szentendre  – Sole with steamed spinach


Szentendre – Traditional Hungarian stew with nokedli


And the restaurant of our choice in Szentendre – the shades were very welcome in the scorching sun!


I actually got quite hungry now after pasting all these photos… let’s start cooking!!

6 Responses to “Tourist in my own country 2: Budapest and Szentendre”
  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Everything looks so delicious. This is my kind of vacation!

  2. I was just wondering where you’ve been! You must have heard me thinking of you. It’s morning here but my stomach is growling and grumbling for ALL of those dishes. There’s not a one that I would pass up and yes, I do love liver but rarely get a chance to have it. I have to agree with you on that sauce for the duck…sounds fantastic.

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