Valentine’s day gift ideas – from the kitchen

Valentine’s day is coming as and although it is not an official thing here in Hungary, you can actually see more and more flowers and hearts and chocolates and all in the country as this day is coming closer. I don’t mind, just another reason to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift that does not need to be expensive or huge or even tangible – an “I love you” might mean the world to most 🙂 I usually like to bake something for my Mr because I know he loves it, is there anything that says more than a warm, homemade pie filled with the most divine apple-cinnamon filling? And filled with lots of love, of course! I have collected some ideas that you might consider preparing for your loved ones on this special day – they are all easy and relatively quick (OK maybe except for the Pie…) so you have more time to spend with those special people around you.  And You my dear readers, let me know, will you prepare something extraordinary? 🙂

Valentine’s Day Apple Pie


Apple and Coconut Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Apple_Coconut_Cake_Chocolate_Ganache  09

Apple Puff Pastry (His Personal Favorite :))



Palmeras  04

Also don’t forget He might be even more happy with a good old hearty meal! 🙂

2 Responses to “Valentine’s day gift ideas – from the kitchen”
  1. You’ve got that right about a good meal & sweet surprise being appreciated. By now I think my husband & I have run through every possible gift idea so we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day although it’s always nice that he brings me flowers. I usually make him some sort of cheesecake – that’s his favorite.

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