Hungarian Cucumber Salad

Diane asked for more Hungarian recipes once so here we go 🙂

This simple cucumber salad is a staple in my grandmother’s kitchen. It is generally served with meat dishes, however it is also great only by itself, or even with some sour cream on top (that way it kind of reminds of the Greek tzatziki). Normally there is some kind of a meat dish when we visit my grandmother, because she knows we love it (with her winner fried pork slice and onion mashed potatoes on top of the list), thus we are generally lucky enough to have some of her cucumber salad as well. I tried to reproduce her version numerous times at home in vain, the taste is always different – but I tried it so many times that in the end I found a version me and my Mr enjoy almost as much as granny’s, so I’ll share this recipe with you now 🙂

Hungarian_Cucumber_Salad  02


1 big slicing cucumber, washed and sliced preferably with the help of a mandolin (the thinner the better)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp vinegar
0.5 tsp sweet paprika
black pepper to taste
about 1/4 cup of water

Mix the water, salt, sugar, vinegar, paprika, pepper and garlic until the sugar dissolves. Pour it over the sliced cucumber, mix and cover. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour and every now and then give it a shake (I prepare the salad in a plastic container with a tight lid that can be also used as a shaker). The cucumber will release its juice full of vitamins.

Hungarian_Cucumber_Salad  01

Hungarian_Cucumber_Salad  03

Enjoy 🙂

6 Responses to “Hungarian Cucumber Salad”
  1. I LOVE Cucumbers and this is such cool and simple recipe. Definitely a must try

  2. Oh I would love this salad. I used to make some kind of cucumber salad a very long time ago but can’t quite remember what was in it but I think it was fried a little. This looks nice & crisp (well once we get crisp cucumbers back in our markets & not the soggy, floppy things there are now).

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