Chinese Coconut Shrimp

I have to admit, I love Pinterest. It is a perfect source of inspiration for many aspects of life, most of all FOOD (what else? :D). I have found this recipe there as well – just had to go grab a can of coconut milk, and enjoy the sweet tangy shrimps. I replaced the broccoli with rice for the boyfriend’s pleasure 🙂

Chinese_Coconut_Shrimp  04


1 lb (~0.5kg) Medium shrimp
1 small broccoli (or rice)
1 cup Coconut cream
2 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
Shredded coconut
½ cup of bread crumb and 1 tbsp of corn starch, combined

For the shrimp marinade:
½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Cooking wine
½ tbsp ground pepper


1. Peel and devein the shrimp. Mix with the marinade and set aside for at least 15 minutes. Can be done ahead of the time.
2. Cut the broccoli into small chunks. Blanch in boiling water until the color starts to shine. About 2 minutes.
3. Slightly cover the shrimp with bread crumb and corn starch mix. Fried over medium heat until the shrimp turns golden outside. About 2-3 minutes. If you don’t want to waste a lot of oil, you can do fry in batches.
4. Remove the excess oil on a paper towel.
5. In a sauce pan, combine the coconut cream and sugar over medium heat. Mix until all sugar dissolves.
6. Add the mayo and fried shrimp. Mix until the shrimp is well glazed. Serve on top of cooked broccoli with a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

Chinese_Coconut_Shrimp  02

Chinese_Coconut_Shrimp  01

2 Responses to “Chinese Coconut Shrimp”
  1. Oh I love Pinterest although I wish my daughter hadn’t gotten me hooked on it. It’s one of those things that I can get lost in space & lose a day on. I also love coconut shrimp & this one looks nice & easy.

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