On Our Christmas Table This Year

It is a tradition in my family to get together on the 24th of December and start the Christmas celebrations with a lunch feast at my mom’s place. Normally she is preparing a very traditional menu, with fish soup, fried fish with mashed potatoes and loads of Hungarian Christmas cakes, this year she changed up the menu and gosh, it was good!

We started with a flavorful, golden-colored duck soup with veggies and pasta, followed by roasted duck breast and thighs with potatoes baked in duck grease, purple steamed cabbage (my Mr’s favorite) and Spanish “Russian” Salad (Ensaladilla Rusa – recipe coming soon!) prepared by my Mr’s mom:

Christmas_2013  04

Christmas_2013  01

It is Christmas so no table is complete without some traditional baked goodies. This year my elder sister baked an Eszterházy cake loaded with walnuts (divine!):

Christmas_2013  03

Christmas_2013  07

My mother baked traditional bejgli (half with walnuts and sour cherries, half with poppy seeds and raisins) and zserbó (layered with nuts and marmalade, covered with silky dark chocolate) – both perfect:

Christmas_2013  02

Bejgli_2013  01

Christmas_2013  06

And of course the meal that cannot be forgotten, typical 25th of December lunch – stuffed cabbage! It might not be the most photogenic dish on the world but it is definitely one of my favorites 😀

Christmas_2013  05

What was on your table? 😉

3 Responses to “On Our Christmas Table This Year”
  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Such a feast! Everything looks so enticing and that Eszterházy cake looks professionally made. It looks to me like you all enjoyed a wonderful time together. 🙂

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