Simple Comforting Tomato Soup

I have to admit this soup always reminds me of my childhood – only good memories! We’ve had this soup many times in the elementary school canteen, then even in the middle school canteen… and tons of times at home. From my mom’s point of view, I believe she made it so many times because it was easy and quick, from my point of view it was one of my favorite meals and stayed that up until present times. Here comes the recipe now partly for me to have somewhere to look it up quickly, and partly for you to be able to try it and maybe add it to the list of your usual easy weeknight dinners 😉 My mom usually adds rice, I like it with pasta too.

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  05

Ingredients (for 2 people):

1 l tomato juice (I use a slightly spiced juice)
3 tsp white flour
3 tsp oil (olive oil works great, vegetable oil is fine too)
a smaller red onion
3 tsp sugar (it will be on the sweet side normally, you can also add less sugar if you like!)
salt and pepper to your taste
uncooked rice or pasta (typically ABC pasta)


1. Heat the oil until it starts to simmer. Add the flour and mix well until fully incorporated and there are no lumps. You can add more oil if it looks too thick.
2. Add the tomato juice, mix it well, and add the chopped onion, sugar, salt and pepper. If using rice, add it now as well.
3. Cook for 10 minutes after boiling.
4. If using pasta, cook it separately and only add to the soup when you are ready to eat as it will swell too much if you cook it together. This soup is also perfect without rice/pasta.

If you are not eating all, refrigerate and add a bit of water if it gets too thick, when heating up again.

Enjoy : ))

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8 Responses to “Simple Comforting Tomato Soup”
  1. ChgoJohn says:

    I agree with you on all points. Soup remains, for me, the ultimate comfort food and tomato soup ranks up their among the most enjoyed. Your recipe sounds delicious and is so easy to prepare. Why open a can when you can have this tasty soup in minutes?

  2. That looks so rich & creamy – nice job. I like it with rice myself but pasta sounds like a good idea too. Funny how we all have memories of some of these comfort foods.

  3. Nico says:

    Perfect. It’s starting to get cold here! Tomato soup is a must. ❤

  4. Francesca says:

    I have never made tomato soup. You make it sound very simple. I agree with Jonh: why go for a can? Next time, I’ll buy some tomato juice. 🙂

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