Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 3!!

Click here for Part1 or here for Part2.

I promise this is the last part of the gastro-tour we made around Northern Spain and Andorra 🙂 But there were so many good things I have to share with you!!

This is what I prepared for when the guys wake up from their little siesta – Tapas! Assorted Spanish cold cuts, leftover Spanish tortilla, cheese, olives fresh from the market, potato chips, cucumbers from the garden and of course bread:

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  01

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  02

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  03

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  05

The olives came from here!

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  09

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  10

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  11

They even had hot olives with peppers – those were my favorites!

Home-made chorizo and other mouth-watering delicacies:

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  06

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  08

And this picture for my grandmother who eats this with sour cream for dinner (yes you read that right):

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  07

Zucchini pizza!

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  12

Cutest little bake with piñones (pine nuts):

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  04

And a little something I baked for the guys that they could dunk in their breakfast chocolate milk:

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part3  13

The base recipe is the same as this bundt cake, however there was no scale or cocoa powder at the house where we stayed so I had to trust my eyes when I weighed the ingredients and simply mixed in a handful of chocolate chunks to replace the cocoa powder. It turned out divine!

This is it, I hope you enjoyed this short photo trip 🙂

11 Responses to “Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 3!!”
  1. How pleasant, very nice trip and wonderful pictures

  2. As a strict vegetarian, I can relate to those amazingly looking olives!

    Spain is a very interesting country for foodies… including vegetarians!

  3. I love tapas & am so happy that we finally have a great little place a few towns over. You reminded me that we haven’t been there for a while. I cannot believe how many different olives there are! All I ever knew about where the green ones w/the pimento & black olives.

    • Yes those 2 were the only olives in the Hungarian supermarkets as well until some time ago, now we have quite a wide variety but they are still far far away from the TASTE of these wonderfully fresh olives! Now lets go to that tapas place 😉

  4. Anne Marie says:

    OMG. I need to move to Spain…

  5. Trini says:

    There’s something so appealing about Tapas! I love having a small taste of different things on the table. Great for the holidays too. That Zucchini Pizza looks delicious!

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