Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 2 :)

I promised there is more and here we go!

Zucchini cream soup made of real zucchini from the hosts’ own bio garden, with croutons (recipe coming soon, this soup is amazing!):

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  15

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  14

Deviled eggs with lots of mayo and pickled red peppers, they were a bit “bland” for me when they were made but the next day, they were fantastic!:

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  11

And then me and my boyfriend made some pancakes as the host was insisting : ) Not so easy without a crepe pan, but they were still very good 😉 They have been sprinkled with ground almonds mixed with some sugar, the almonds are also from their own garden!

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  10

Barbecue time!

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  01

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  04

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  05

Oh and there were sweets too…. lots of them! ‘Pastillo’ from Aragón – olive oil bread dough filled with anise and cinnamon spiced pumpkin. We’ve made it yesterday at home 🙂 Probably the best ever bake for fall – recipe here, go grab a pumpkin and some anise, and let’s get to baking!

Nothern_Spain_Food_Trip_Part2  12

Did I mention we ate all this and more in about 3 days? 😀

7 Responses to “Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 2 :)”
  1. atkokosplace says:

    Delicious! I was just talking about crepes just yesterday. Everything looks great!

  2. It all looks good to me but those pancakes certainly caught me eye. I love the ground almonds on top. All that AND more you say?

    • Yeah we basically spent some time between breakfast and lunch and then betweek lunch and dinner, haha, you have to get ready to EAT if you go to Spain 😀 Now the pancakes, had to be done this way, because the host was insisting she had a friend who made the pancakes this way: lined up next to each other, with ground nuts and sugar on top. We didn’t need much convincing 😀 The almonds were from the hosts’ terrain, roasted at home….

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