Granny’s Juicy Pork Ribs

You know there are those dishes that only granny can get right and only taste THAT great when she makes them? Well this is one of those. I tried to recreate these juicy pork ribs based on her recipe, followed the instructions to the letter but it was still missing that ‘something’ that makes it so special. Something only grannies have 🙂 Anyway, I got close enough so give it a try if you wish and enjoy : ))

Grannys_Juicy_Pork_Ribs  05


1 nice big chunk of pork ribs
1 big onion
about 4 garlic cloves
100 ml vegetable oil
salt, pepper, cumin seeds to your taste

Grannys_Juicy_Pork_Ribs  07

1. Cut the rib into smaller chunks and place them bony side up in a baking tray. cut the onion into 4 pieces and place them into the 4 corners of the tray (you can also add more onion as that’s one of our favorite in this dish). Plug the garlic cloves between the chunks (or mince them and sprinkle all over like I did). Sprinkle with salt, pepper and cumin seeds (to your liking – don’t have to be shy here:)) Pour the vegetable oil over the onion pieces in the corners (now this might sound strange and this might be the key? Because I just poured it all over the meat…hmm)
2. Bake in pre-heat oven (160°C/320°F) for about 45 minutes (covered with aluminium foil!), then remove the foil, turn the rib chunks and bake until the tops are beautiful brownish-red.

Grannys_Juicy_Pork_Ribs  06

Grannys_Juicy_Pork_Ribs  04

Serve over paprika-onion-mashed-potatoes (recipe will once be added…when I finally get it right!!) for the perfect granny-baked experience 🙂

8 Responses to “Granny’s Juicy Pork Ribs”
  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Granny knows best! Ribs with sauce are great but sometimes I prefer them “plain” so that I can better taste the ribs. This would definitely do that for me. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    • : ) Ribs with sauce does not really have fame here in Hungary, we are more of the spice it up well and add some onions types, however I tried those “famous tony roma’s ribs” once and I absolutely loved them so it would not be difficult to get used to 😀 Maybe one day I’ll figure out a saucy rib recipe that I’ll leave to my granddaughters 🙂

  2. Wow! They look amazing. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  3. I know what you mean about granny’s cooking. Somehow they have a special touch that makes everything taste better but it certainly looks like you’ve done a great job with the ribs.

    • Well thank you 🙂 Funny thing the other day we were at her house (she always makes us lunch when we go there), and she asked my boyfriend what is his favorite of her dishes? He simply replied “I love all the dishes you make” – and he meant it! (Okay he haven’t tried her pancakes yet – I’m certain there is a reason she is not preparing those for us, her pancakes are fried in good old fat, definitely not to our taste, haha!

  4. Kumu says:

    I so agree on the Granny’s touch 🙂 This recipe is totally fabulous.

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