Italy Road Trip 2013 – Food Supply!

We spent a wonderful week in Italy recently and as always before a long trip on the road, we have prepared our own “food supply”. As we are traveling at night we are eating definitely less than we would during the day, however it is better to have more, than less, you may never know how long the trip will be – anything unexpected can happen, car issues, traffic jam, etc… So this is what we took 🙂

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  07

Let’s see what is under the lids:

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  06

Now you will notice lots of sweet stuff, that is a must when you want to stay awake while driving at night 🙂 We tried to compensate with a decent amount of fruit though.

Fried chicken breast sandwiches with pickled gherkins! In home-made bread of course, these are a staple for road trips at our home. I cut the gherkins and pack them in a separate plastic box until we are ready to eat them, so as not to wet the sandwiches:

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  10

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  09

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  04

Home-made palmeritas! Cooled and wrapped in a plastic bag:

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  01

And some other sweet snacks 🙂

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  02

Melon and pineapple chunks squeezed into plastic boxes (plastic forks are a good idea to take as well):

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  05

We pack all the fruits, gherkins and chocolate in a freezer box, as well as enough drinks for 2 for a day (1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of home-made tea frozen before the trip to keep cool for longer, 1 bottle of water only refrigerated so we can actually drink something at the beginning of the journey as well 🙂 Also a bunch of energy drinks (very unhealthy, I know, but helps keep those eyes open):

Picnic_Road_Trip_Food  03

All this was perfectly enough for our trip, also we actually didn’t even touch the sweet stuff 😉

When is the next trip coming???? Can’t wait to pack that freezer box again : ))

4 Responses to “Italy Road Trip 2013 – Food Supply!”
  1. Well I’d certainly take a road trip with you any day! I’m never that creative when I try to think of things to pack up. And I see that bag of rolls in there just screaming to be let out….

    • Haha they were actually screaming EAT ME I remember clearly. The key is thinking ahead… I like to be well prepared because my boyfriend is difficult when he is hungry and food options on the highways are normally very limited (not only in Hungary, however I had also very good experience as well with a certain roadside restaurant chain called Marché) so it is really worth going all packed 😀

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