Boyfriend’s Favorites: Palmeras

Palmeras (or Palmiers, Palms) are THE easiest, simplest, maybe best existing sweet treat one can make at home. They are an absolute favorite at home and they are great covered with chocolate as well 😉

Palmeras  04


1 puff pastry sheet

melted chocolate to pour on top, if you wish
Palmeras  06

Palmeras  03


Roll out your puff pastry sheet, sprinkle well with sugar and roll up starting from the 2 ends towards the middle. Cut into 1cm thick slices and place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Sprinkle with a bit more sugar and bake until golden at around 200°C/390°F. Drizzle with chocolate if you like and enjoy this delicious sweet!!

Palmeras  10

Palmeras  11

Palmeras  09

Palmeras  08

Is it me or is this one smiling? Or is it scary? Uh… whatever let’s bake it!

Palmeras  07

Palmeras  05

Palmeras  02

Palmeras  01

9 Responses to “Boyfriend’s Favorites: Palmeras”
  1. Oh definitely, that one was definitely smiling right at you. Boy do these look good & I like the easy part a lot. I don’t think they’d stay around this house for very long – a very quick disappearing act for sure.

    • Yeah… I made a batch for the trip to Italy and originally I was planning to leave a couple of them for the people we were to meet there. Boy how that did not happen, haha! We ate them all. And probably could have eaten double as well.

      • Well what they don’t know, they won’t miss right? If you had already given them to your friends, then wrapped them up to take back with you, well that would have been tacky. Hmmm, I hope they’re not reading this or you’re going to have to make a new batch to send to them.

      • Oh no we told them that we wanted to leave a few for them but the trip was too long 😀

  2. you nailed it!!! they look so good 🙂 I love palmeritas!

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