Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction :)

My wonderful boyfriend got into the unfortunate situation where 2 of his wisdom teeth had to be extracted (well, eventually it will be 2 more but he is still trying to come around to that idea… anyway!) and we soon faced the issue of food. Because one thing that nobody will tell you is that you will basically not be able to eat any solid foods for about 2 weeks – maybe less for some and probably more for some, depending on several factors: speed of recovery of the gums, if you got stitches or not, had additional issues with joints etc. So in our case it was 2 long weeks. Now as a good girlfriend, who cares about the nutrition of her boyfriend even in such problematic times, I sat down to look for ideas on what meals to prepare that are easy to consume without having to chew but still nutritive. Because don’t think your hunger will leave you alone after your teeth are gone!! On the contrary, you will probably be thinking all the time about  food. Solid food. That I repeat, you won’t be able to chew 🙂 So! Enough of the sarcasm, let’s get to the point and give you some ideas for these unfortunate situations.

Basic “Guidelines”

-> Avoid crunchy/hard foods
-> In the first few days, avoid dairy products (emphasized by the surgeon)
-> Avoid foods with seeds (e.g. strawberries, raspberries) because they can easily enter the hole in your mouth and cause infection
-> Avoid hot foods/drinks
-> Do not use a straw to drink

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  04

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  05

Meal suggestions (first couple of days)

-fruit smoothies (again, no seeds!), juices
-soups/cream soups, gazpacho
-mashed potatoes
-scrambled eggs (the combination of these 2 was my boyfriend’s favourite – easy to eat, nutritious and tasty!) / creamed eggs
-almost any type of főzelék (see example here or here, mashed)
-vegetable stews (like this one, very well cooked – I suggest using a pressure cooker – also mashed or pureed – now my Mr definitely did not like that – consistency issues :D)
-canned baby foods (for those emergency hunger attacks)

Now you are maybe thinking wow she cooked separately for her boyfriend while having to cook “normal” food for herself! No :), feel free to make a rich soup that you can consume and then strain it or pop it in the blender for him/her (chicken soup, tomato soup, veggie stews, etc), also you can prepare a pair of sausages to go with the főzelék for yourself.

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  01

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  02

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  03
After a few days you will probably be able to incorporate more types of food such as soft bread (without the crust, of course) and soft white fish fillet, and then slowly returning to your normal diet.

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  06

Foods_After_Tooth_Extraction  07
Make sure to clean the empty tooth sockets carefully after each meal to avoid infection!
So what else comes to your mind? Let’s help those poor tooth-extracted fellows! 😀

7 Responses to “Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction :)”
  1. Oh my goodness, I saw the title of this & immediately starting going “ow, ow, ow”. I’m so lucky that I never got wisdom teeth but a couple years ago my bouncing dog broke one of my back teeth out at the gum line & they had to drill out the root. No fun at all but these are all very good suggestions for getting through the aftermath. You are so considerate.

    • Oh dear… well my boyfriend was lucky because they pulled it out before it started to cause troubles so it did not hurt at all, it is just… uncomfortable 🙂 Still it might be useful as well for all those kids & bikes and dog accidents, haha!

  2. this has to be one of the best post titles I’ve come across! 🙂 wish I had read a post like this 3 years ago!

  3. LFFL says:

    The food pics look great.

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