Pimientos Padrón Project – Part 2

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Status report on the Pimientos Padrón Project: started with 24 seeds altogether – about half of them survived the “kindergarten”. Out of the remaining 12 I have given 6 seedlings to my mum who somehow managed to kill them all in a few days :p

I have re-planted my 3-3 remaining seedlings into 2 big flower pots. Interesting – one of the pots I filled with earth I bought last year and one of them I filled with fresh earth bought this year. The seedlings in the old-earth-pot did not die, but did not even grow an inch, so eventually I stayed here with 3 lively seedlings. Never mind, because my balcony is so small, it will probably be small even for 3 plants 🙂 But look at those 3, growing taller every day!

Pimientos_Padron_Plants2  04

They were enjoying the room temperature in the windowsill for a while after re-planting, and then I moved them to the balcony (about 2 weeks ago). Watering them every day now and hoping for lots of sunshine!

Pimientos_Padron_Plants2  03

Pimientos_Padron_Plants2  02

Pimientos_Padron_Plants2  01

10 Responses to “Pimientos Padrón Project – Part 2”
  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Your 2 plants are doing so much better than mine did. I’ve a container garden and planted all the seeds I was going to need. Most sprouted but weren’t doing so well. Then I saw beautiful seedlings at the farmers market. Good-bye sprouts and hello seedlings.
    I hope your plants continue to thrive.

  2. Hi there
    My husband is from the Basque region in Spain where these very special peppers come from. I have tried on several occasions growing them down here in Cape Town but to no avail. I think they are very difficult to grow so I hope you get to reap some from all your efforts. They are delicious fried in olive oil then sprinkled with coarse salt. The absolute best!

    • Mmh Yep I can already feel their special taste in my mouth : )) My boyfriend says all the time, ‘they will go directly to the pan’. Hopefully they will survive! 😀

  3. Your plants look terrific. I’m afraid I’d have the same results as your mother if I tried.

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