Fruit Juicing Smoothie Snapshots :)

My Mr is in the mood for snapping a few photos of my smoothie making process, I thought I share them because they turned out great! I was making a simple mixed fruit smoothie, with 1/2 fresh mango, kiwi, apple, banana and orange juice – this is always a winner! I cubed and froze the other half of the mango and made a frozen smoothie of it a few days later – divine!

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  07

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  04

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  05

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  06

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  02

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  01

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  03

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  08

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  09

Fruit_Smoothie_Snapshots  10

10 Responses to “Fruit Juicing Smoothie Snapshots :)”
  1. What colorful photos! I’m going to have to share this with my daughter – she loves making smoothies.

  2. nicobor says:

    YUM! I had smoothies everyday in Cambodia, and I’ve been craving mango!

  3. Fabulous photos of a phenomenally refreshing and enticing smoothie! I am a huge smoothie fan. I actually typically make mine in the single serving blenders that are so popular now. The container can double as the cup if you can tame the Diva within that insists on glass “with garni”….sigh…Clean up is actually a breeze (although I am still on board for a self cleaning blender…I would almost give up my wee little ipad for that one….almost….) Thanks for liking my chocolate blog! So appreciated!

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