Food Photography With Television Chef Jamie Oliver

I feel like re-blogging this because: 1. I like Jamie and his creations 2. his (or his photographer’s?🙂 pictures are amazing and 3. great tips!

Dev Ambardekar

David Loftus has been working with food television star, Jamie Oliver, for over 15 years taking dynamic imagery of the culinary masterpieces that Jamie creates in his kitchen. In this behind the scenes video David is shooting with the Nikon D4. In a few short cuts Jamie is also seen trying his hand at taking his own food shots with the Nikon D3200. It seems that the chef has some pretty nifty skills wielding not just a pot and pan, but a DSLR, as well. Who’s shots do you think came out better, David’s or Jamie’s?

One of David’s and Jamie’s greatest tips to food photography is speed. In a setting where the fresh ingredients can quickly turn sour, or in an instance of a hot steaming dish it can turn cold rather fast.  In Jamie’s words “the best shot in the world is 45 seconds of time… the boss in the room is…

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4 Responses to “Food Photography With Television Chef Jamie Oliver”
  1. Eva Taylor says:

    We’ve had shots of raw meat disintegrate to grey flesh when the client doesn’t respond in time. My friend Claudia is a food stylist and has worked with Jamie many times when he comes to Toronto; she says he is absolutely lovely.

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