Vegetarian Tapas Dinner at Home

Having a Spanish boyfriend is the best excuse to have tapas dinners at home, with one’s desired frequency. We more or less have our same favorite dishes, adjusted to what’s currently in the pantry. Well last time we had no meat or cold cuts, so let’s call it a vegetarian tapas dinner! No meat does not mean less filling food though, just use your fantasy and the most common things can be the stars of your tapas table.

Pickles! Olives, pickled onions, home-made pickled cabbage and gherkins.

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  06

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  05

Patatas Bravas – with home-made aioli:

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  04

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  03

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  01

Home-made no-knead artisan bread:

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  07

Vegetarian_Tapas_Dinner  02

It was perfectly enough for 2!



9 Responses to “Vegetarian Tapas Dinner at Home”
  1. One can always find a good excuse to have a tapas evening! 😉

  2. I really have to do the tapas but I’ve been ogling that ‘no knead bread’. Got it printed, boy am I getting quite a file of things to cook!

    • Oh I have several printed recipes building up into a nice pile as well… still better that hitting the what-to-cook question!! That bread is great, I make it at least every 2 weeks.

  3. fotosandi1 says:

    Tapas sound really good i will have to this dinner! New to the site and still learning how to comment!

  4. V says:

    your bread looks great!

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