Italy Road Trip: Food Supply

We’ve been to Italy this summer and decided to go by car. Now you can think oh that is great, not too far and all, however this short enough (apx. 1000 km ~620 miles) trip can turn into a real nightmare if you get stuck in traffic due to accidents, rush hour, toll payment gates or any unexplained congestion… To avoid all that, we decided to travel during the night – well wasn’t that a great idea! Apart from a decent number of Slovenian cars returning home, we arrived to our destination in Italy from Hungary in about 12 hours with a comfortable number of stops on the way of course.

Still it is a long trip and if you are planning a road trip, it is always good to be prepared for any unexpected delays, so we filled our freezer box with lots of goodies at home!

The mustard-meatball sandwiches had a great success the last time so they were not missing from the stock this time either:

 A decent sized (6 eggs) Spanish tortilla with onions and potatoes (that we actually had for dinner when we arrived to our destination):

Fresh home-made Sour Cherry Cake:

Fresh and dried fruits, carrots, trail mix, lollipops and candies!:

For drinking I packed a big bottle of home-made ice tea, water and some energy drinks to help keep us awake while driving. A perfect road trip I would say! 🙂

For more beach/picnic/road trip food ideas, check out my other post: A Day at the Beach – Picnic Food Ideas.

6 Responses to “Italy Road Trip: Food Supply”
  1. Isn’t it funny how some places look close enough on a map…and then you start driving. We once greatly underestimated how large Yosemite Nat. Park actually is & started from one end at night thinking we’d get to the other end in …oh, a couple of hours… Driving back into the park during daylight I was horrified to see the drop offs w/no guard rails that we hadn’t noticed at night.

  2. That’s some menu!! 😉

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