Bella Italia! Ristoranti, Gelaterie, Pasticcerie e Prodotti Tipici

We’ve recently spent 8 fantastic days in Northern Italy, enjoying the fresh mountain air, the food, ice creams, cakes and everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Let me share a couple of the best  gastro moments!

Bruschetta con Pomodoro e Olive (Bruschetta toast with tomato and olive topping), this one was huge! 

Prosciutto di Parma con Melone, Lambrusco e Grissini (Parma ham with melon, Lambrusco wine and Grissini sticks)

This was the perfect ‘tapas’ for a group of card players!

Lasagna Bolognese


Our favourite ice cream creation: Coppa Amaretto – once:

And twice:

We’ve also had numerous pizzas (strictly with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and olives), pasta, mountains of fresh Italian cold cuts and so on… I’ll post more pics if they emerge from the black hole of holiday picture archives!

Of course we also couldn’t come home empty-handed, so at the last-minute we popped into a local hypermarket and filled the remaining space in the trunk of our car with many goodies. Pasta, Lambrusco wine, capers in salt, anchovies, green and black olives, olive oil, tomato sauce, tuna and cookies:

See you next year, mia bella Italia!!

9 Responses to “Bella Italia! Ristoranti, Gelaterie, Pasticcerie e Prodotti Tipici”
  1. I’m sitting here wondering what I can scrape together for lunch from leftovers & you do this to me? You’re killing me! It all looks sooo good, probably a lot better than my peanut butter & jelly sandwich is going to be.

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