Fast and Delicious Pork with Mixed Vegetables

This dish takes about the same time to prepare as it takes to write this post about it 🙂 Minus proofreading. Perfect for a fast and simple, healthy dinner or lunch, it always has a big success around here!


Pork (or chicken, or turkey) slices, seasoned with your favourite spices
2 carrots, cleaned and sliced
1 zucchini, cleaned and sliced

Olive oil, salt, pepper


1. Throw the carrots and zucchini on a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper, cover and let cook until tender.
2. Fry the seasoned meat slices on a little olive oil – serve with the veggies.

That’s it! Delicious in its simpleness, trust me.

4 Responses to “Fast and Delicious Pork with Mixed Vegetables”
  1. Love the fast & delicious … looks like a great one to make when you just don’t feel like going crazy in the kitchen.

    • Exactly! Still, when I ask my boyfriend if it is OK if I do this, he will always say perfect! 🙂

      • He’s a smart man who likes the food to keep coming. I always try to narrow down the “like” factor with my husband by asking “so would you like me to make this again?” If he says, “well not for a while”, I know it’s not a real winner.

      • So I just read this to my boyfriend and he is laughing heartily! A good technique 😉 I know something is not a winner when he says “it is interesting” haha.

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