Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 2

Click here for Part 1.

It has been less than a month since the last update on the garden project I started in early March, but looking at the pictures the progress my little plants are making is outstanding! Forgive my enthusiasm, this is my first gardening attempt since 4th grade when we had to raise a bean. I don’t really remember how that one turned out?

Little Bell Pepper Plants, 1st of May 2012

17th April -> 1st of May: Bell Pepper Plants

I have transferred all the plants to the balcony yesterday as summer has arrived – now they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine all day long.

Tomatoes going wild!

17th of April -> 1st of May: Baby Plum Tomatoes







Stay tuned for further progress : )

12 Responses to “Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 2”
  1. denlyn3 says:

    Your plants are looking great. We are sill waiting for summer in Southern California, this 60’s weather is good for the garden but getting boring.

    • Well these 90°F came surprising here as well! One day early spring, the next day scorching sun… I’m not complaining though 😉 and the boyfriend at home is making sure they don’t get burnt on the sun. The plants are thanking you for the compliment!

  2. cooktocure says:

    Adorable plants, they look quite happy in their home. Cheers! ~ Hoda

    • 😉 I just added a mint plant to the family, let’s see how it copes! Hehe

      • cooktocure says:

        YAY! I have a large patch of mint at the back door, and other than its love for water, it takes little care. 🙂

      • Oh yes I realized it has a need for (lots of) water when after watering it, I’ve put it on the windowsill and after a whole day of sunbathing it just turned upside down from thirst… taking more care since then haha!

  3. Good luck with your plants!

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