Krumpli- or Potato Főzelék

I had a comment the other day asking for more Hungarian recipes – I promised I’ll do my best, so here we go! Krumplifőzelék, or potato főzelék if I really want to translate it. Főzelék is kind of a thick soup, normally consumed with some extra on top: I fried some sausages this time to serve with this potato version. Really easy, tasty and absolutely satisfying, my Mr loved it too.


3-4 bigger potatoes
1-2 bay leaves
salt, vegeta (veggie spice mix)

150g (~0.6 cup) sour cream or natural yoghurt
2 tsp white flour
1 tsp paprika


1. Cube the potatoes and cook with the bay leaves and spices until tender.
2. Mix the sour cream/yoghurt with the flour and paprika
3. Remove the potatoes from the cooking water, take about 1 cup of the liquid and mix it well with the sour cream mix. Add the potatoes to this “batter”, stir and bring to a boil once more – if you find it too thick, add a bit more of the saved cooking water.

Serve  with some sausages if you like (and/or home-made milky bread swirls yum)! Enjoy 🙂

5 Responses to “Krumpli- or Potato Főzelék”
  1. This looks perfect for a chilly, rainy day… sort of like today here. Those milky bread swirls are looking very good to me right about now.

    • Thank you : ) Főzelék-s are quite common around here, being cheap and fast, easy to prepare – and perfect for a crowd as well 😀 those breads are the top performers this month in the kitchen, the boyfriend eats them with just about anything.

  2. How fun! You could really go wild with the placing and cutting!

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