Chorizo Con Patatas

Some might think that food bloggers eat fancy food all the time – home-made honey-whole wheat bagel with fresh cream cheese and salmon spread topped with avocado slices for breakfast, a strawberry-orange-apple smoothie for snack, cinnamon scented couscous with chicken and string beans for lunch, a slice of cottage cheese and mixed berry tart for dessert and finally coconut crusted shrimp and spicy pineapple salsa for dinner.

While this may be true for some food bloggers with a lot of time or a couple of slaves around, probably most of us mainly eat “normally” on those days when we either have no time, no inspiration or are simply not in the mood to cook/fry/bake/prepare anything worth blogging about. However, the other day I prepared a simple lunch for us 2, fried chorizo with potatoes and some pickles and my Mr suggested I make a post out of it, as the posts do not always have to be about something elaborately prepared and staged – also many people might exactly be looking for ideas for a delicious, easy and fast meal (that is, by the way, men approved!).

So here we go 🙂


Simple Chorizo with Potatoes


3 smaller chorizo pieces (I used Szatmári páros kolbász… I know that is a mouthful, it is a simple Hungarian multi-use pork sausage, very good for frying or baking in the oven)
salt and pepper

1. Peel and cut the potatoes in chunks. Cook them until almost done
2. Make a few cuts in the chorizo pieces so that they are done faster and end up funny shaped. Fry them in a frying pan (no extra fat is necessary)
3. When the chorizo is ready, place the potato chunks in the pan as well and fry them just a little. You can add some salt and pepper to the potatoes if you wish.

Serve with pickles and/or ketchup 🙂

5 Responses to “Chorizo Con Patatas”
  1. denlyn3 says:

    Sometimes the very best food is unplanned and simple. Sounds like a title of a great cookbook.

  2. Ah, my kind of thinking. Unplanned, simple, good.

  3. ¡Qué rico!!
    I love chorizo 🙂

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