Leftover Revival – Chicken Veggie Puff Pastry Braid

There are those days when I prepare some chicken breast (or turkey, pork) fillet for my Mr and I leave him to decide what he wants to accompany it with for his lunch – he generally prepares some frozen veggie mix (being the fastest option), and quite often there is leftover (or the whole chicken thing, untouched :D) I don’t blame him, he is one busy fellow, and when hunger strikes sometimes throwing things together in a frying pan is already too much time. Well these are the days the thawed chicken (or leftover chicken-veggie stir fry) must be recycled into something else (oh no, don’t think it is so easy to have the lunch for dinner in the same format!) Have to get creative and put some new clothes on that dish – have some puff pastry dough at hand for example?

Chicken Veggie Puff Pastry Braid


a handful of leftover chicken breast fillet (any meat will do)
also a handful of Thai vegetable mix (again, any will do)
3-4 spoonful of Bolognese tomato sauce (also leftover)
1/2 puff pastry sheet
linseed to sprinkle the top (optional, of course)

You can use the leftover puff pastry dough to make some sausage bows (I had to, on special request ;))






1. Roll out the puff pastry sheet and mount the chicken, veggies and tomato sauce on top.
2. Close the sheet to your liking, I cut the sides in strips and braided it. Sprinkle with linseeds or sesame seeds if you wish.
3. Place on baking sheet and put in pre-heated oven, bake until golden brown at 220°C.

That’s it! ENjoy 🙂

11 Responses to “Leftover Revival – Chicken Veggie Puff Pastry Braid”
  1. That’s lovely and a very attractive way to serve leftovers 😉

  2. That looks fantastic!

  3. MMMMM I want this for lunch today!

  4. I’m trying this tonight! I will have to pick up some puff pastry from the market today, but we always have chicken breast leftovers and frozen veggies in the fridge.

    I pinned your blog to my Pinterest board. You have wonderful recipes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. This looks positively divine! Thanks.

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