Tomato Meatballs

I wanted to make this dish ahead yesterday evening for today’s lunch, however it smelled so good I even had to have some of it for dinner 🙂 Although not to worry, there is enough left for me and my Mr for lunch today. I always did this dish from beef before, but now that I tried it with turkey, I think I will not switch back!

Tomato meatballs


250g ground meat (I suggest turkey!)
small fistful of boiled white rice
a small onion (or a half) – chopped
1 garlic clove – chopped
few parsley leaves
salt, pepper to taste

tomato sauce


1. Mix the meat, boiled rice, onion, garlic, chopped parsley leaves, salt and pepper in a bowl.
2. Form golfball size balls from the meat mix.
3. Pour the tomato sauce and a bit of water into a pot, add some salt, pepper and sugar. Mix it well.
4. Place the meatballs in the tomato sauce and mix until evenly covered.
5. Mixing a couple of times, let it cook on slow fire until the meat is fully cooked (around 30 minutes).

Serve with boiled potatoes and enjoy!

2 Responses to “Tomato Meatballs”
  1. oh, yum!! Maybe for dinner I’ll attempt to take this!! It’s making my mouth water! lol

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