Easy As Pie: Apple Puff Pastry

It was the day of the “Reyes Magos” yesterday, and altough we are not celebrating it here in Hungary, I wanted to surprise my (Spanish) Mr with something. Turned out I chose his favourite pastry for the occasion!

This is really a truly fast-easy-tasty recipe, if you choose the “lazy” store-bought puff pastry. Of course people with time at their hands: feel free to make the dough at home as well! For sure the taste will receive 1 more star.

 Apple Puff Pastry

Ingredients (this makes 3 pieces, enough for 2 for dessert:)):

1/3 (store-bought) puff pastry dough
1 apple
1/2 pack vanilla sugar
apricot marmelade (mine is home-made, thank you mom!)


1. Cut the puff pastry into desired shapes
2. Slices the apple and place the slices on the pastry pieces, leave around 1 cm free on the sides
3. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar

4. Place in the pre-heated oven and bake at 180°C until golden.
5. After removing the pastry from the oven, brush with marmelade and enjoy while still hot : ))

I have received many compliments on this, a fool proof recipe with secure success!

P.S. I used the rest of the puff pastry dough for a fast dinner – made a filling from some mushrooms, onion, a can of tuna and tomato sauce (throw it all in a pan and fry a little), placed a tablespoonful of the filling on the pastry squares, closed them and baked them in the oven (180°C) until golden brown, they were really yummy!!

4 Responses to “Easy As Pie: Apple Puff Pastry”
  1. OLGA LOPEZ says:

    Yummy in my tummy.

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  1. […] As scientists, we know the end of the world is nigh, so we’re usually stocked up with the bare necessities just in case of an apocalypse: butter by the pound, several sheets of frozen puff pastry and some sort of fruit or berry. That right there is pretty much all you need for this recipe. […]

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