Christmas Menu 24th December

Christmas is that time of the year when even my family sticks to the traditions and makes sure we always have the good old menu on the tables. Compliments are not for me, thank my mum and grandmother for all the goods this XMas! Another thank you to my Mr for the amazing photos :*

Traditional Hungarian Christmas Menu (in our family):

Fish soup
Stuffed cabbage with sour cream
Bejgli (Christmas sweat bread) with poppy seeds, cottage cheese
Zserbo (or Gerbeaud, layered sweets with chocolate topping)
Hokifli (or ‘snow crescents’)
Salty variations with cheese.

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All of the above normally in a quantity that lasts several days!

Stay tuned for the menu of the 25th 😉

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  1. […] traditional Hungarian Christmas menu will be served around my family this year as well for lunch (and the next few days), so for dinner […]

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