Easy Awesome gingerbread

I simply love gingerbread – the freshly baked little cookies and the process of decorating them together adds so much to the Christmas mood. Unfortunately this year there won’t be any gingerbread baking around here as I managed to smash my main finger with a door… Still I would like to share the recipe I use all the time, because it is real simple and there is no waiting before the cookies become soft and they are simply delicious!

Classic gingerbread


600g white flour
150g sugar
2 tbsp gingerbread spice mix (or do your own:))
1 teaspoonful of baking soda
200g honey
2 egg whites (1 for brushing)
250g butter


1. Mix the sugar, spice mix, baking soda and 500g flour
2. Add the rest of the ingredients except for the remaining flour
3. Here you may need to add the rest of the flour, depending on the dough – to be able to knead it well into a ball
4. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least a night.
5. Roll out the dough, cut it to the desired shapes and brush them with an egg white.
6. Pre-heat the oven (low heat), and place the gingerbread inside on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Depending on the thickness they are done fast, take care not to burn them!
8. Let the cookies cool, and decorate to your liking (beat 1 egg white with 150g sugar for frosting, or if you can never obtain a thick mixture like me :p get a ready to use frosting, I got a Dr. Oetker one this year, however can’t comment on it as I never had the chance to open the tube.)

Merry Christmas to You and Your loved ones dear readers!

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  1. […] a thick mixture like me: get a ready to use frosting, I used a Dr. Oetker one this year again, this time my fingers were not crippled – it is not the easiest ever to decorate with, but it tasted […]

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