Hot chocolate in a jar

IMPORTANT please nobody tell my mother and little sister that this will be one of their Christmas presents : ) Though as my mother doesn’t speak English she will hardly understand this post and my little sister did not yet find my blog, we may have a chance they don’t find out about this surprise before Xmas. Anyway, I won’t upload the pictures about the finished product just yet!

I saw the same recipe on a couple of blogs, including this one here.


a quart size jar
1 cup sugar
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup coffee creamer/powdered milk (I used Completa)
1 pinch of salt
half cup chocolate chips (I did not find that here so had to improvise, I cut up a bar of chocolate into small cubes)
half cup mini marshmallows (that again I could not find here so bought a pack of big pink marshmallows and cut them into small chunks)




Layer the ingredients in the above order in a quart size jar (feel free to adjust the quantity of the ingredients to your liking).
When ready to consume, mix the ingredients, put a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture into a mug and add hot water. Mix it well, put a few marshmallows to float on top and enjoy!

3 Responses to “Hot chocolate in a jar”
  1. I shan’t, I promise. Good present too, looks so thick and delicious.

  2. Thanks 🙂 I wonder how long will it take for them to drink it all! (A guess: not much. They eat/drink absolutely any kind of sweets in record time! Without gaining extra weight… oh well, jealousy :))

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  1. […] promised, here comes the finished product as mentioned in Part 1, the family already received it with great joy so I can share the pictures of this great drink in a […]

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