My mother’s chicken soup

There is no traditional Hungarian wedding or Sunday lunch without a rich chicken soup. Also some of us simply can’t imagine recovery from an illness without a bowl of this comforting food, coming from someone we love 🙂

I always use my mum’s recipe, and never change anything – however the taste will never be exactly the same. Probably this is how it should be – moms always do it better, isn’t that so? One day I hope my kids will think the same!


My mom’s chicken soup


1 whole chicken (or, we are lucky enough here to be ale to buy “chicken for soup” – basically a chicken without thighs and breasts, you can save those parts for something else)
vegetables such as: 2-3 carrots, a piece of celery, 2-3 parsnips, a smaller kohlrabi, an onion and fresh parsley (this as well can be bought here in 1 package)
salt, pepper, vegeta (vegetable spice mix), paprika to taste


1. Place the chicken pieces (with skin, bones, neck, feet, liver and even heart) in a pot with salt and enough water to cover the pieces.
2. When the water is boiling, remove the “foam” that gathered on the top (some say it should not be removed, though we used to:p)
3. Add the vegetables and spices
4. Let it all cook until the chicken is tender
5. When ready to eat, cook some thin pasta to serve the soup with.


To make the soup even more enjoyable, when it is cooked, I always remove the skin and bones before serving (just as my mum does:)) Unbeatable. Enjoy!!

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