Two times a charm: Spanish dinner

Two of our big favourites were prepared during the weekend: fried cauliflower, and what we call “picoteo”, both of them doting Spanish origins and we like to categorize them as tapas (Spanish cold or hot appetizer, or “finger food”).

Fried cauliflower


1 medium size cauliflower
1 egg
150 ml milk
Around 100g flour

1. Separate the cauliflower head into smaller pieces and cook it in spiced water (I added a big spoonful of Vegeta – it is a mixture of different spices and veggies, but can be substituted with anything mainly – salt, pepper, paprika, celery salt, etc…)
2. Mix the egg and milk and add a tablespoonful of salt
3. Incorporate as much flour in the egg mixture as it takes to get a thick creamy liquid
4. Pre-heat the oil (I use sunflower seed oil for this)
5. Dip the cauliflower pieces in the mixtures, and let them fry!:)
6. Remove them from the oil when golden brown – it can be eaten as a side dish, but we like to enjoy it with bread, mayo and ketchup.

Divine dinner!

Our “Picoteo”

A) Roasted bell peppers

2 pieces of bell peppers (any colour is good, my Mr prefers the green ones, they have a more strong taste, while the yellow and orange are more sweet, red are very tasty as well)
olive oil


1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C
2. Cut the peppers into 8 pieces (or more, if you prefer thinner slices)
3. Place the peppers pieces on a baking tray/tin foil, sprinkle with olive oil and salt
4. Roast them in the oven and done!

B) While the peppers are getting roasted, prepare the deviled eggs.

3 eggs
1-2 spoonful of butter
1 tbsp mayo
1-2 tbsp mustard
salt, pepper, oregano


1. Boil the eggs
2. Cut them in half, remove the yolks
3. Mix the yolks with the butter, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. If any whites broke, don’t worry, add them in the mixture – it will be even better!
4. Fill the egg halves with the cream
5. Sprinkle with oregano – Done!

Let’s add a few more things:
C) green/black olives
D) pickled mini onions
E) pickled gherkins
F) smoked ham (preferably Spanish – but any will do).

Be creative and add anything else you like: chorizo, sausages, any other pickles, cheese, grapes…
The possibilities are endless 🙂

Enjoy! or rather: Disfrute! 😀

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