Főzelék post

My Mr suggested that I do a post about his beloved Hungarian food, főzelék made with green peas – one of the easiest and tastiest of its kind (in our opinion, at least). It was (and probably still is) a typical lunch for kids in the Hungarian schools, with more or less “material” in it (however most of us remembers more liquid than vegetable) – in a funny way it always tasted the same (=good. Perfect for hungry kids! And adults, of course.)

I personally love most of the főzelék types, but I have never actually did any other apart from green peas for my Mr… time to change that, isn’t? Though I will probably have to limit the variations as He doesn’t like sour cream (and some főzelék is only good thickened with this ominous white cream) – or maybe He will not notice? Hehehe, worth a try.

I suspect there are no 2 households doing it the same way, so here is my version of the green pea főzelék:


1 can of green peas (I use a can of 400 g for 2 people,  could be made with frozen or fresh veggies as well, of course, however canned peas are the easiest to use to do this for lunch in altogether 5 minutes!)
1-2 tbsp of oil (I use olive oil)
1 flat or full tbsp of white flour (the amount of flour will determine the thickness of the főzelék. I normally use 1 tbsp olive oil with 1 flat tbsp flour for a medium thickness)
paprika, salt and pepper


1. Heat the oil
2. Add the flour and mix it well, heat it while it starts to simmer
3. Add the green peas (with the liquid)
4. Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste
5. Cook it until it reaches the desired thickness (it will get a little more thick even after removing it from the heat).

And that’s it! You can serve it with many so-called toppings, I prefer hot dog sausages – truly fast and delicious lunch or dinner.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. […] Főzelék: signature Hungarian ‘thick soup’, multiple variations, very very few pieces of vegetables and lots of liquid. The favorite choice of the food delivery company (or who knows who decided on the menu?) was a variation called ‘finom’ főzelék = ‘tasty’ thick soup, which consists of carrot cubes and green peas in a lake of the before mentioned liquid. I have never ever met anyone who actually liked this thing, however I have to add, when prepared the right way (way more veggies than liquid, correct spices etc) it really is a hearty meal. I might even do a post about it one day! (Until then you can check out my other főzelék posts: Potato főzelék here and Green Pea főzelék here.) […]

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