The Grey Day

This is a grey day, and it is official. In the past 2 weeks we have not seen the sun for more than a couple of hours – there is simply a grey layer between us and the sun lately, which is a choking mixture of fog and smog (there has been no sign of rain for quite a long time now – good for biking 🙂 but definitely bad for nature :(). As the temperature drops maybe we will go from this dryness directly to snow (-1°C for the past few days)… At least we can finally put on our ice skates shortly! I am a big fan since I have my own comfortable pair of skates – it really makes a difference from all those plastic rental nightmares.

And what else to do on such grey and gooey days? Sponge cake! Yay! Definitely the best way to start a cold day – my Mr likes to enjoy it with a big bowl of chocolate milk.

Also for my boyfriend’s great pleasure we have made a “many-delicacies pasta” (at least that’s how we call it), which is always made up from as many things as possible 🙂 including pasta, veggies, ham, eggs… whatever we have at home! Have to be creative when you have a Mr who is always hungry :p

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