Cooking for 2

It is time to get used to cooking for 2 again! I find it definitely easier preparing something fast and healthy for 1, while there is a certain difficulty in cooking for other people who may have different taste/requirements/desires when it comes to food. For example, I’m perfectly fine with a light green salad for dinner, but my Mr prefers to have some “material” added as well to that oh-so-healthy meal option.

So this is how these cravings were satisfied yesterday: firstly a fresh ratatouille for breakfast (an all time favourite), tomato meatballs with potatoes for lunch and home-made pizza for dinner! I have to admit this was the first pizza I made that was actually comestible. Generally it is either too dry or too soft (or simply undone…) but this one was great. Oh we also treated ourselves to an ice cream creation, I heard that is the best for sore throat : )

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