This is just one of those days… when you don’t really feel like doing anything at all still you are trying so hard to do something outstanding. Or at least useful! And that’s exactly what I started my day with, after putting on a few more layers of clothes and a thicker coat (7 degrees temperature drop since yesterday), bike riding to the office to do something good: give blood. I’m always up for donating when the opportunity shows up – after all, you may never know, Your blood might save someone’s life 🙂 Also, isn’t this strange date worth celebrating with something special? There you go. Someone might as well just buy a new pair of shoes. Or prepare for the apocalypse. Or have a baby :D!

Jokes apart, if you were ever planning to give blood but were afraid of the pain, I can assure you I did it many times and the only pain I ever felt is when you have to remove the sticky tape from your arm afterwards, ouch! (only if you have some hairs there, of course). Also I don’t know how it works in other countries but here we even receive food and drinks to recover the lost energy 🙂 Hmm food… now I have a serious craving for a bag of fresh popcorn. Luckily there is a cinema nearby so I can even use a coffee break from work to go and grab it! Advantages of working in the city center 🙂

It seems I fixed the date conflict issue on my Mr’s small photo camera, and the pictures I made yesterday did not get lost – so we can enjoy them together! Well nothing fancy, I did a fast lunch from chicken cubes, carrots and mushrooms, plus got a very pretty pumpkin that will hopefully end up in the oven today! That truly is a divine (post Halloween) treat 😉

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