Camera crisis

I could not say the situation with the camera got better from one day to another – but I least I seem to have figured out that it has some date conflict and the pictures taken yesterday simply get overwritten today by the new pictures. Sounds tricky right? Well maybe it is time to grab the other camera from the depths of the big wardrobe. I have time practicing with it, my Mr is far away, after all.

And what else to do when you are alone? Exercise! 😀 I had an interesting training session yesterday – found a nice 10 minute aerobic workout on YouTube, it had no music so I paired it with some Moves like Jagger, then did some stretching with Christina and Nicky’s Woohoo just to finish it up with my hoolahoop ring while enjoying Skrillex’s ET. (Some of you will ask what the hell is she talking about?! 😀 ) I have to admit I have a wide pallette of music favourites – though yesterday’s crush was that oh-so-romantic soudtrack from Zombieland (one of my favourite movies I have to add).

Also I finished the first season of Gossip Girl – and I realized it really reminds me of the mood of the books I’ve been reading lately: the Luxe series from Anna Godbersen. I can highly recommend it to young ladies, easy bathtime reading, I enjoy them a lot :). I have to admit when the 2nd book arrived I ditched an Italian crime novel in its favour (I’m planning to get back to that one later as well though!).

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