The day of the lost pictures

I have to admit I was quite sad/disappointed/angry this morning when some of the  nicely “staged” photos from yesterday were simply not on the camera. The devil of technology? Well… some of them survived though, one about my delicious dinner: plaice stuffed with broccoli and shrimps with a green salad and one of my pre-dinner exercise/fun DanceDanceRevolution : ))) I got this dance mat quite a long time ago and used it many many times, but somehow it got forgotten lately… although the neighbours must be happier while it is in the wardrobe!

It’s a pity though because lunch was worth a picture too, kebab with mashed potatoes and sour cabbage… well, next time more luck for me! Well I can at least cheat with the breakfast as I have exactly the same today as I had yesterday 😀 today’s pictures seem to be OK so far (OK means visible on the camera hehehe).

In the meantime my Mr is also snapping some pictures about the dishes he is eating at his mum’s place, nothing beats mum’s food, after all! — BREAKING NEWS: he will have a nephew! (sorry for the sidenote : ) )

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