Sea of autumn leaves

Do you realize during the summer how many leaves are there on a tree? Because now that almost all of them have fallen down, it seems an incredibly huge amount for me! My favourite season is of course summer but I’m quite enjoying flashing through the colourful leaf carpet with my bike this time of the year : )

Well… it was Monday yesterday so the busy weekend days have been replaced by a less busy workday (and this is where less busy means less running around home deco stores and biking up and down the city with a whatever reason – just to be outside!), though it doesn’t mean my transportation partner is neglected, she takes me to work and brings me back home loyally, even with a parachute on my back. Of course it is not really a parachute, but it kind of feels like as in my opinion a backpack should not be so big : ) But hey, I needed to take it with me yesterday as I had to transfer my notebook back to the office and I also had to put the freshly made chocolate rolls somewhere! (Yeah I hope my colleagues like me when I have so much time on my hands I can afford baking for them before work). Managed to snap only 1 picture of them before they disappeared into empty stomachs. So this was a chocolate roll and salads day, somehow I had salad for lunch and dinner as well – and to top this healthy menu I managed to squeeze in some exercise! And I can tell you it was Insaaaaane – for the dedicated people only (Insanity: Fast and Furious). Those of you finding it a bit too grinding, might check out some Brazilian Butt Lift instead 🙂 I really enjoy the Cardio Axe program, it’s a perfectly manageable 25 minutes with dancing and sweating. No I’m not an ambassador for these programs and I don’t get paid for the marketing, I just like them 😉 !

As usual, some pics below, I promise I’ll try to snap some better ones for tomorrow : )

Cheers everyone!

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