Busy Sunday

Good day everyone!

Another quite busy day yesterday, luckily I had enough “combustible” to use thanks to my mommy. Some leftover roasted chicken liver and baguette made up for a delish breakfast, only to be followed by a heavy Hungarian dish called Rakott Krumpli with some pickles (again? I love pickles, uh! It needs something to “slide” on :)). All this energy was necessary to 1. clean the windows 2. Visit family 3. Bike to and from KIKA 4. Do the full round in IKEA and 5. organize all that stuff I picked up at number 4. Did I mention I Love IKEA? I also love that it is not yet Christmasy inside (unlike KIKA for example. Or my Office building. Or the nearby shopping center.

A suggestion, don’t take your Mr with you when you are planning to do the full round in that IKEA monster 😉 He will appreciate much more the go-straight-to-the-item-you-wish-to-buy and spend a few more minutes inside while enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice at the exit. My experience says guys don’t like shopping and it is OK!.

Well then, let’s have some pictures, shall we? 🙂 This time we have liver baguette, some home-made pastry and potato casserole courtesy of my mum, a huge chewy skin apple and a tasty salad for dinner. Oh and one of the goods I picked up at IKEA and with which I had an awfully hard time lifting to its dedicated place…


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