Sunny Saturday post

It has been a long long day and not yet over! I did lots of biking around town, first to get to the nearby market (safe long bike lane right until the destination covered with fallen multicolored leaves) to buy a baguette for that crispy sandwich to start the day with (in fact it was so crispy after renewing it in the oven that I chipped some glue that is holding my inner braces for the teeth :p) and some sour cabbage to accompany it with. Unfortunately (or luckily for us, shopping lovers) not everything is available at the market so had to make another round to pick up some food etc, like this great fresh chicken liver (uh, some of you will say – including my Mr!), well, this is an advantage of cooking for yourself only, you can eat those things that normally would not make it to the dining table. Actually pairing it with spinach rice and some pickles it made the perfect late lunch 😉

As for exercising – enough kms were collected today by bike (post office, lottery, …) so “actual sweat session” will be skipped today : p though noone could say that all that house cleaning that was squeezed into this day does not have the same effect. Yes right, we need even more cleaning around here because we have recently finished reurbishing our petite kitchen to fit in a dishwasher – who said people with small kitchen cannot have such privileges? I promise I will dedicate a post to this project that we just called the “Minus3” – it is well worth reading!
If anyone wonders about the pictures posted, I am taking photos of everything I eat – good for meal ideas maybe? Also I find it quite effective in avoiding continuous snacking : )) Hm right, time for a light salad for dinner (after all, I’m currently watching one of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows, that’s what I call inspiration!).
Happy Saturday night everyone!

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