Friday foodie entry

Having returned from our summer holidays this September Mr and Me decided it is time for a lifestyle change as it comes to fitnesss and nutrition. Oh no nothing drastic – simply paying attention to what we eat and how we burn all those extra calories! Not that we really need to loose weight – however it is a goal to get a more toned body 😉

Cutting almost all the unnecessary snacks (yes potato chips I’m talking about you…) and fatty meat, introducing more and more vegetables and fruits into our food plan, paired with the frequent use of a new set of bikes for both of us already show results. Those “comfort bellies” slowly disappear and a chocolate bar replaces it! OK that will take some more time and exercise…

So let’s see what was on the menu for Friday:

1. Biking to-from work with a nice and heavy notebook in the backpack (I arrive definitely faster when we are not going together and chitchatting all the way)

2. Lean pork medallions with roasted brokkoli for lunch

3. Little slice of cake from a colleague’s BDay-death-in-chocolate

4. An apple with a surprisingly good taste (leftover from the company fruit day)

5. Resisting all the squisite but not so fitnessy dishes at my mother’s home (but not the huge glass of fresh and hot home made tea!)

6. Two eyed eggs with a slice of Edam cheese and veggies with a big glass of lemonade from freshly squeezed lemon and cane sugar (which is not really cane sugar right now as I got confused in the store and bought something like a caramellized sugar  – well, if you can, skip putting it in lemonades, they taste definitely better with plain cane sugar and your Mr will appreciate it more as well. Also you won’t have to hear again that “It tastes strange” 🙂

Plus of course lots of water!

Yes I probably should have posted it yesterday, but my first encounter with Gossip Girl got in the way…

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